Combining several certs into one

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Answered the list of questions but no space to ask my question!
My question is, having misunderstood the way to get all of the domains into one certificate to start with, I have now got three certificates for two domains and some subdomains. This creates difficulty configuring Dovecot (/etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-ssl.conf). Is it a simple matter to cancel two of the existing certs then add their domains and subdomains onto the one that’s left?
I also have another two domains, each with subdomains, to add later.
The documentation for adding domains is clear (pity I didn’t find it earlier!) but how long would it take for cancellations to take effect before I can add them?

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Hi Mike,

I did the exact same thing myself when I started out. You don’t need to cancel your existing certificates at all. Just create your new csr with all the domains you want it to have and create a new certificate for it. You may get an email about the old certificate expiring - the email will tell you the list of domains on the expiring certificate, so you can just ignore any of those that are for the individual domains.

When you want to add further domains, just do the same thing. Create a csr that adds the new domain, and get a certificate for them all.

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Hi Kurt,
In a life full of complications doesn’t it just feel good when something in it is just plain simple? Thank you for explaining and Certbot for making it so. :slight_smile:

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