How to add domains in the future?

hi. i want to use letsencrypt for multiple websites on the same server. i understand how to do this initially (-d 'one.domain,two.domain,three.domain,…'), but, is it possible to
add domains later down the line? if so, how?

Yes, you can add new domains to an already existing certificate. Or you just make a new certificate if you want to keep the domains separated.

Unfortunately, certbot does not have a very good user interface for certificate modification. Currently, to add or remove certificates, you'd need to use the same command you've used for your current certificate, but with a different set of domain names. And to make sure the current certificate gets updated, you'd want to specify the certificate name with --cert-name $CERTNAME where $CERTNAME is the name of the certificate (which can be found with certbot certificates).

There are some issues opened on the certbot Github page to address this lack of certificate management, but unfortunately this doesn't seem to be a priority for the rather understaffed certbot team.


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