Add new domains to exisiting cert that's already have multiple domains on hosting

I have a question with adding new domains on a sever that’s already have multiple domains on the same cert.

I know the following command able to add new domains but it’s not effective to add multiple domains “cert-name

sudo certbot --apache --cert-name -d -d

May i know what’s should be the correct command?

For examiple , my current server have about 20 domains, i installed a new SSL using cerbot and all the 20 domains have added SSL successfully. What if i need to add 2 - more new domains to this server?
By using the above command, i have to type 20+ times… Please advice. Thank .

The command you just quoted. It’d be nice if certbot had logic to allow you to do something like certbot extend --cert-name whatever -d -d, and it would add those to the ones already on the cert, but it doesn’t have that logic.

You could, alternatively, just get a separate cert for each virtual host.

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