Combine more then one certificate

Can i combine more then one certificate in only one cert file ??
I have two domains, and
Both pointng to the same website
On the website (domoticz) i use one server_cert.pem file with only one of the two certificate files.
Can i put both private key's and certificate file in one file ??

My domain is: /

The version of my client is certbot 1.12.0

You can combine 100 hostnames into a single Let's Encrypt certificate as specified on the rate limits documentation page.


Oke thanks for the link and info

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Note that you can't just put two files together into one single file to magically make them combine. Most webservers can be configured to serve different certificates based on the hostname send by the webbrowser (using a technique called SNI which is ubiquitous in current webbrowsers), but I don't know if Domoticz has that kind of support. It's probably best for you to re-issue a new, single certificate combining all the required hostnames.

Note that your version of Certbot is rather old (current version is 2.6.0), so the experience of expanding an existing certificate with more hostnames can be a little bit cumbersome. My advice would be to get a new certificate with all hostnames you want and specify the certificate name with the --cert-name option. Then configure Domoticz and any other service requiring the certificate with the brand new certificate and remove the old certificates from Certbot.

Please see the Certbot User Guide for help about listing the certificates and deleting old ones.


@Osiris. I have updated the certbot to 2.6.0 and did get a new certificate for all hostnames. I replace it on the website (Domoticz) and tested both hostnames.
It works ..

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Please make sure your old certificates don't keep renewing unnecessarily if they aren't used any longer.


You can review your cert information with:
certbot certificates


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