Challenge is in pending status after posting the challeng


When polling challenge status after responding to the DNS challenge, which action should be taken if the challenge is in pending status?

In my ACME client, if the status is processing I’m waiting a little bit and retry polling the status again until it becomes valid

But if the status is pending I’m trying to post the challenge again (which looks like a Bug ) and I’m getting an error:

{"type":"urn:ietf:params:acme:error:malformed","detail":"Unable to update challenge :: authorization must be pending","status":400}

So what should be done in such case? When the challenge may be in a pending state?

Thanks for the help.

It sounds like your client may have a bug. If it thinks a challenge is pending and then you post the challenge and get an error about it not being pending, clearly your client was mistaken about the current status of that challenge. Perhaps try refreshing the challenge status from the ACME server beforehand?

Hi @cojalvo

wait a moment, then try it again.

That’s expected and wrong. You know you have already posted the challenge, so doing that two times is wrong code in your client.

The challenge is originally created in pending status. When you post to the challenge URL, it immediately transits into processing status. You just have to keep polling its status in a loop, no further action is needed. At the end, its status will transit either valid, either invalid.

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