Help with polling challenges/authorizations

I have the same problem with “xn–d1achlhhbde7aj2czd . xn–p1ai (получитьдомен.рф)”.

One of alias is “valid”, other alias and domain stay in “pending” status.

I do request for validate after check DNS and don’t request to http.


This is it? The same problem and you fix it in this week (in production)?

Hi @byte,

If the current behaviour is affecting your issuance process it indicates a bug with the way your ACME client is polling resources. I recommend you contact the developers of the client for that.

The change to stop returning the pending challenges from a valid/invalid authorization will be going to production slightly later than I originally planned. Since it is a user-visible API change we decided to make an API announcement for it: ACME v1/v2 - Changing "Challenges" returned for invalid/valid authorizations

We'll be making that change live in production in early Jan 2020.


Eeeemmm… you have some special rules for check sites?

I need aprove main domain before alias or somethink like that?

Whats wrong with my polling?

I try to check validation every 5 minutes and you API say me: 1 valid, 2 pending.

Whats wrong?

Hi @byte,

I moved your posts and the replies to a new thread in the client dev section so that we can discuss without mixing things up with the older thread.

Can you provide more information about your ACME client? Is it something custom written or are you using an existing library/client?

I'm not sure I understand the problem. It sounds like the authorization is "status": "valid" by way of one of its challenges. The other two challenges will remain pending forever and do not need to be interacted with. Your client code should consider its job done for the authz identifier when the status of the authorization is valid.

After Jan 2nd, 2020 the API won't return the two pending challenges you see when you poll the valid authorization.

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