Not getting expected challenge response, staging v2

I’m writing a client for the v2 staging endpoint. It’s all working great setting up a wildcard certificate up until I’m responding to the DNS challenge.

Per the documentation, I should send the POST value with the keyAuthorization in the payload. If I do this, great, I get a pending status in the response along with the other expected values: the type is dns-01, the url is the same as that I’m issued, the keyAuth is a match and starts with the token.

It indicates that I should poll the server at this point until it’s either valid or something else besides pending. Unfortunately, if I wait 5 seconds, then retry the request (with the new nonce, of course), without fail, I’ll get the following error:

{“urn:ietf:params:acme:error:malformed: Unable to update challenge :: The challenge is not pending.”}

If it’s not pending and has completed, shouldn’t I be getting a 200 OK and a status of valid instead of it providing an error? Should I be submitting something different when I’m simply polling for the value instead of repeatedly indicating that I’ve completed the DNS challenge?

I appreciate any direction you can provide me, thank you!

After your initial POST to update the challenge, you should only be be using the GET verb to check on the challenge status.

The URL you need to poll with GET is returned in the Location header of the POST response.

Once it is “valid”, you then finalize the order.

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