Certonly or auth?


I see official github usage example changed from auth to certonly but is that same with webroot authentication plugin method ?

so it’s now ?

letsencrypt -c /etc/letsencrypt/webroot.ini --webroot-path /path/to/webroot -d domain.com certonly

or still auth ?

letsencrypt -c /etc/letsencrypt/webroot.ini --webroot-path /path/to/webroot -d domain.com auth


2.2.3 Webroot
If you’re running a webserver that you don’t want to stop to use standalone, you can use the webroot plugin to obtain
a cert by including certonly and --webroot on the command line. In addition, you’ll need to specify
–webroot-path with the root directory of the files served by your webserver. For example, --webroot-path



cheers just noticed they updated the docs with more details on each plugin :slight_smile: