CertMagic: Caddy's automagic HTTPS, now as a Go library



Many of you know that Caddy is the web server with automatic HTTPS, powered by Let’s Encrypt. It was Let’s Encrypt’s first fully-integrated client back before the public beta days in early 2015.

Well, I’ve just extracted its certificate magic into a Go library I call CertMagic: https://github.com/mholt/certmagic

It’s powered by lego which is the underlying ACME client implementation, and the one which was originally developed for use in Caddy. Lego is a great library, but its job is not to renew certificates and keep services online. That’s what CertMagic helps with, along with stapling OCSP responses, redirecting HTTP to HTTPS, and more, just like Caddy does.

Caddy is being modified to use CertMagic now.

I hope all you other Go developers out there will find it useful! :slight_smile:


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