Caddy 0.8 released - web server with native Let's Encrypt integration

I’m very pleased to announce today the release of Caddy 0.8, a web server that uses Let’s Encrypt by default.

  • Your sites are served over HTTPS automatically
  • HTTP is redirected to HTTPS
  • Certificates are automatically renewed
  • Supports OCSP stapling
  • No external dependencies - up and running in a few seconds
  • Runs everywhere (Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, Solaris, Raspberry Pi, etc.)

If you currently operate your own web server like Apache or nginx, Caddy is a great way to automate Let’s Encrypt for your sites. It uses xenolf’s lego library under the hood, which is why there are no dependencies and it runs everywhere. All certificate management is done implicitly and requires no action on your part, even for renewals.

Hope you find it useful!

(This release was made possible thanks to your help earlier, so thank you!)