New Client - LeGo CertHub [renamed: Cert Warden]

I created a new client and followed the website instructions for Adding a client/project.

Do I need to do something else to actually get it added?

Project site:


I can't speak to how the website gets updated. And, don't want to harsh your contribution ...

But ... there already is an ACME Client known by lego and is widely used. Your name might be confusing


I don't see a PR on the LE website Github repo, which you should do as explained on the page you've linked yourself. Posting this thread, while informative by itself, is not the method to get your client included on the list on the LE website.

That said, I agree with Mike that LeGo reaaaallly closely resembles the already existing lego client and that you probably should change the name.


When I originally started the project I wasn't planning to support ACME services beyond LE. That subsequently changed and I picked up (ACME CertHub) as a potential rebrand. It was on my maybe list but I suppose to avoid confusion perhaps I'll move it up the to-do list.

Also, PR Link.


:grimacing: I didn't go that far back, my apologies. I see there's a conflict, so you probably should merge main, fix the conflict and commit the update to make the PR work again. Although that's not a guarantee the PR would land soon after that.


@gtwallace Nice app! I've actually been building something pretty similar but I've been dragging my heels on a proper release (for a couple of years!). Curious to see what kind of uptake you get and what people's typical use cases are.

Rebrand is definitely a good idea because Lego is indeed a super famous acme client. Once you've done that update your PR and bump them for input, I suspect you may have been silently ignored because the obvious branding problem is perhaps a difficult conversation.


Oh, and I know branding is difficult but there is already a Certhub doing the same thing: GitHub - certhub/certhub: Centralized certificate management the unix way and


Very nice. I too have something slightly similar - GitHub - aptise/peter_sslers: or how i stopped worrying and learned to love the ssl certificate - though my system is designed for our specific needs: a centralized system with programmatic API that can dynamically load into distributed openresty frontends.


I would like to further the motion that the name for this project severely overlaps established art and directly causes confusion. I strongly oppose adding it to any list of ACME clients as it stands. My recommendation is to analyze the niche that it fits to expand coverage and naming accordingly.


10/10 for the description lol.

I actually didn't give the name a TON of thought originally as this was just a side project for my homelab when I couldn't find anything else similarly suited. ( was my orginal inspiration but it was giving me errors and appears to have been abandoned.) It just sort of grew from there (as I guess these things do). The other projects linked do fill a similar concept though don't fall exactly into the homelab niche.

I'll go back to the name drawing board but I am definitely not a marketer for a reason.


@gtwallace thanks, yes I've seen certera before and there was another one that looked similar to yours but I've forgotten the name [ see also Lemur by Netflix ].

Mine looked like this in 2021:

And currently looks something like this:

Having a few similar products in existence is a good thing, because it helps prove that there is demand and prevents stagnation in the field.


IMHO, while a lot of these projects LOOK similar and do 99% of the same things... they often offer small features and nuances that are incompatible with the existing products and really valuable to subsets of users.


That looks pretty nice!

I started racking my brain for new names:
SSL Central

Certainly open to ideas about these or others :slight_smile: .


A few of those are established brand names and others are taken as .com etc. I generally try to find something that doesn't have a .com registered already but that's not easy. I'll message you a couple I thought of for my stuff but didn't use, as otherwise they might disappear before you get to them :slight_smile:

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I renamed the project and recreated the PR:


Good name :wink:


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