Certificate validity after June 1st ACMEv1 end of life


We are currently running certbot Certbot 0.23.0 ACMEv1 and have been informed that we will need to upgrade our Certbot to a version that supports ACMEv2. We have recently renewed our certificate and it will expire on 27 July 2021. As this certificate will expire after the cut off date for the upgrade, will this certificate still be valid until the certificate end date or will it expire on June 1st when ACMEv1 expires?

Just want to see if we have some further time before we need to carry out the upgrade of Certbot version.



The certificate will expire normally on 27 July 2021, but you won't be able to renew your certificate after ACMEv1 is shut down on June 1st. As soon as you switch to ACMEv2 you can renew your certificate again.


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