Certbot versions affected by End of Life of ACMEv1?


It would be really helpful if you could specify certbot versions affected by the End of Life of ACMEv1. Ideally that information should be in the email notifications. Or somewhere in the beginning of the End of Life Plan topic.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there @x-yuri,

That's a good point.

In the meantime, the Certbot team has provided some advice about what minimum version of Certbot you need in this post: Troubleshooting a Certbot installation that continues to use ACMEv1.


I think you basically need to be on 1.6 or higher, so that any ACME V1 renewals you have automatically upgrade to ACME V2

In general (for all important system dependencies) upgrade to the latest version as a standard part of your system maintenance every few months, don't leave it for years. If you're worried about breaking stuff, which is entirely possible, do it on test servers first and if you don't have any test servers yet then start now.

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Well, I saw mentions of ACMEv2 as early as in 0.22.0, but probably it wasn't production-ready. And judging from the linked topic, indeed the recommended version is 1.6.0, but the corresponding changes were backported to e.g. Debian 9 (0.28.0).

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