Certificate renewed but not implemented

My certificate is supposed to renew automatically but failed to do so. Not normally too much of a problem. I simply renew it myself manually. I did this recently and once completed got the ok with the usual warning to allow time for the DNS to resolve. It never did. Two days later renewed again in spite of the indication that, The certificate appears to be valid until 10th Sep 2020. When I view the certificate online it shows an expiration date of 11th June 2020. Nothing has changed on my website since it was correctly displaying under the https protocol? I’m a bit mystified as to what to do? Has anyone else had this experience? Is there a simple answer I am missing? The site in question is designmark.co.uk.

Did you restart your web server?

Since you literally provided no information, there’s not so much help people on this forum can provide.

One important piece of information to include would be what type of hosting product you are using.

Are you using self-managed VPS, shared hosting, or something else?

If the former, are you using Certbot or another ACME client?

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