Certificate not working

Guys -
Need some help here. I have installed letsencrypt on my server. http://sandbox.iopcap.com

Ran the tests and it all looks good:

However I still can not connect to my site over https? See Sandbox

Works for me, the certificate seems to be installed correctly. Do you have a screenshot of the error you’re receiving?

[+] Checks: DNS Port(443)
[+] IP Addr:
[+] Software: Apache/2.4.7
[+] Getting Certificate

 1 CN: sandbox.iopcap.com
   ASN: sandbox.iopcap.com
       From: Nov  8 17:27:00 2016 GMT     To: Feb  6 17:27:00 2017 GMT
       Issuer: Let's Encrypt Authority X3
       Type: RSA    Size: 2048bit    Signature: SHA2-256
       Serial: 03a0fc20c53b99beba5663083fff6d2f32c9

 2 CN: Let's Encrypt Authority X3
       From: Mar 17 16:40:46 2016 GMT     To: Mar 17 16:40:46 2021 GMT
       Issuer: DST Root CA X3
       Type: RSA    Size: 2048bit    Signature: SHA2-256
       Serial: 0a0141420000015385736a0b85eca708

[+] Checking Chain: Trusted
[+] Checking CRL: CRL URI Not Found
[+] OCSP Returns: Good
[+] Stapling Returns: No Reply

It works for me as well. I am soo sorry, maybe i was just not patient enough. Thanks for your help.

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