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Boa tarde,

Estou configurando um servidor local usando o Apache para hospedar páginas internas (Intranet) e desejo habilitar certificados SSL para garantir conexões seguras nos navegadores. Quais são os requisitos para isso? Há algum certificado disponível para compra?

Lembrando que este servidor é exclusivamente interno e não está acessível pela internet.

Agradeço pela orientação.

Good afternoon,

I am setting up a local server using Apache for internal (Intranet) pages and want to enable SSL certificates to ensure secure connections in our browsers. What are the requirements for this? Is there a certificate available for purchase?

Remembering that this server is exclusively internal and is not accessible via the internet.

thanks for the guidance.

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You need to use a domain name in the public dns, and you need to be able to perform and pass one of the challenges.


You need to have a real publicly-accessible domain name (including a public DNS), but the server doesn't have to actually be available publicly (though it can be a bit tougher to implement for some).

Not from Let's Encrypt, though there are other Certificate Authorities that will be happy to take your money if you would prefer.

You'll want the DNS-01 challenge type, where you script an update to your public DNS to prove that you own the name.

Some DNS providers make that easier than others.


Assuming there actually is a publicly available domain name :wink:


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