Intranet with internal mail server

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Estoy haciendo una implementacion similar a la de Walter, solo para intranet con servidor de correo interno, pero debo utilizar certificados ssl. alguien sabe como lo puedo obtener. para la pagina y para seguridad smtp ssl.


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I am doing an implementation similar to Walter's, only for intranet with internal mail server, but I must use ssl certificates. does anyone know how I can get it. for the page and for smtp ssl security.


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If your SMTP server cannot be reached via HTTP, you will have to, either:

  • delegate the certificate management to some other device
    and copy the certificate to the mail server after each renewal

  • use DNS-01 authentication [instead of HTTP]
    this requires being able to update the public DNS zone for your domain
    in order to automate that, your DSP must allow updates via API

You may be able to do it more manually [every 60-90 days] - NOT RECOMMENDED


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