Certbot wildcard Cloudflare DNS

I use the Plesk panel to manage my sites. I need to install a wildcard certificate, but the problem is that I use the CloudFlare as a DNS zone. And i need to confirm DNS records constantly. Very often I am in business trips in another country without access to a computer and I can’t confirm everything, because every time new TXT values are generated for verification. How can I automate everything through the Plex panel so that the panel itself generates a TXT entry in the CloudFlare? I know about certbot, but i don’t want add many packages to my system.


First of all, you can’t use certbot with Plesk (even if you can, please don’t). Plesk itself have an wildcard certificate option and you can connect your domain to Plesk / Cloudflare with ServerShield by Plesk. This should allow Plesk to manage your DNS zones but also use CloudFlare’s nameserver and certificates.

T.L.D.R: Use CloudFlare ServerShield on Plesk than your regular Plesk + CloudFlare account.

Thank you

@stevenzhu, i use cloudflare only in DNS parking option. If i delete my website from cloudflare, add ServerShield by Plesk. and connect to CloudFlare, it will be renew automatically?

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