Certbot successful,but ssl certificate not working in browser

My domain is: guycrazy.xyz ,hosting : EC2

I use laradock,run command: docker-compose up -d nginx certbot then i got certificate in log of certbot:

My DNS record:

My site config:

VPC opened ports: 80, 443

Before that I used the certificate manager of aws,I don't know if it has an effect?

Sorry my bad english.

Anyone help me,please?

Hi @MinhSu

please read your output:

Installer: None.

So the certificate isn't installed.

And your config file shows, that default.crt is used, not your new created certificate.

I'm not firm with docker. If possible, change these certificate paths in your config file directly.

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I can access your site from the West Coast USA.
No problem with the browser or cert as far as I can tell.
Your English is fine!

i just handle it :))

Ah, now it works.

Two hours earlier there was a self signed.


Good Going! @MinhSu
and good luck!

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