Certbot - How to request the account settings from ACME server?

I want to request the account settings from the ACME server.

The ACME spec defines a flag for this operation (section “Account Creation”):
onlyReturnExisting (optional, boolean): If this field is present with the value “true”, then the server MUST NOT create a new account if one does not already exist. This allows a client to look up an account URL based on an account key.

Is there a Certbot option to set the flag?


@bmw @schoen Does Certbot support this? The only pieces of information useful to the end user are the account URL and the account’s contacts, can @toc-rox find that information somewhere locally instead of trying to use the ACME protocol feature for querying an account by key?

There is a Certbot pull request to add a feature to query account settings from the CA, but it hasn’t been merged yet.

You can see all of the information that Certbot has about your account in /etc/letsencrypt/accounts; however it’s been pointed out that technically this information could be out-of-date if the account is somehow modified by other software or by other servers. (If you only ever use your account with Certbot and only use it on one machine, the information should presumably be current.)

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Existing pull request … that sounds promising.

I assume you mean this one:

That’s right, that’s the one.

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