Is it possible to renew certificates with new acme account?

When you try to renew certificates with a different account than the one used to generate them the certbot-auto script (v0.27.1) returns that the account does not exist:

*/usr/bin/certbot-auto renew --force-renew --no-self-upgrade

Account at /etc/letsencrypt/accounts/ does not exist. Skipping.*

Would it be possible to renew certificates with a new acme account?
Not regenerate the certificates, really renew the existing certificates.

Hi @fteixeira

the current version of certbot-auto is ~~0.33.

So first update your certbot, perhaps that's the solution.

And you can switch to ACME-v2.

certbot-auto normally updates itself automatically every time you run it (that’s what the auto is for).

I agree with pointing at the ACMEv1 vs. ACMEv2 issue. But also, if you copied the data onto a new machine or if you deleted your old ACME account entirely, you need to edit /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/yourdomain.conf and update the account = line (and possibly the server = line, if you’ve changed from ACMEv1 to ACMEv2 or vice versa). The account ID is specified in each certificate’s renewal configuration, and Certbot doesn’t automatically look around for other accounts to try to use for renewal.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
About ACME-v2, i’m already using…

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