Certbot error on windows server 2008 R2 sp1

Hi all, please help me.
When I installed certbot(downloaded at https://dl.eff.org/certbot-beta-installer-win32.exe), it seem there was an error: ImportError: DLL load failed failed while importing _ctypes: The parameter is incorrect.

When I run it, it showed another error: ImportError: DLL load failed while importing _socket: The parameter is incorrect.

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): windows server 2008 R2 standard sp1 64 bit(with KB2999226 update)

How to fix this problem? Thanks.


Unfortunately the proper fix is that you should upgrade to a newer version of Windows. This version really shouldn't be connected to the internet because it no longer receives patches from Microsoft.


If an upgrade is not possible (at this time)...
You can also put it behind a reverse proxy (that terminates the TLS connections).
[and then pass the HTTP backend connection through an IPS]

Well, there is a chance it's all good:

Windows Server 2008 R2 is eligible for the paid for ESU (Extended Security Updates) program.[4] This program allows volume license customers to purchase, in yearly installments, security updates for the operating system until at most January 10, 2023 only for Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter volume licensed editions.


Ha, yeah. I'm being presumptuous.

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After update, it works well on windows server 2008 R2 sp1.

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