Certbot can't pass through Port 80 even after i did all Portforwarding (Not stuck with GNat other ports work well) and firewall rules

I searched for FoundryVTT in this forum and see if you don't use the video/audio setup you can run it with HTTP. You could try getting that running first to prove your port 80 is setup right.

Then, you need to stop Foundry to make port 80 available for Certbot --standalone which needs exclusive use of that port. You would have to do that for each renewal too.

Is this running on Windows? Because Certbot itself is stopping support for Windows in a couple months. You shouldn't be relying on its Windows version for new setups.


I'll try that.
But i also will try to contact my ISP about Port 80 and 443 for that matter.

On the router configuration page, they specifically say that only port 23 and 161 are restricted by the ISP.
But they DID put CGNat and i had to ask them to remove it.

I know that portfowarding is working, as i've been able to open the port for FoundryVTT on both Router and Firewall.
And it worked fine.

I've done the same process for Port 80 and Port 443 but yeah, both aren't being seeing from the outside through TCP according to Check-Host.

Oh, i didn't knew that they were going to stop support for Windows!

Damn, better then search for another SSLCA solution i guess?
If you don't mind, you have any you could point me to?

Don't need a different CA just a different ACME client

Windows specific ones suggested here. Certify the Web is the nice gui. I think posh-acme and maybe win-acme are the next more popular


Thank yah!
Gonna take a look there and even point out to folks of FoundryVTT to update their SSL and HTTP instructions, that Cerbot will stop working soon'ish

Also, i tested using FoundryVTT through Ports 80 and 443, that are configured exactly as Port 30000 (The one normally used by FoundryVTT as default)

And yeah, both were blocked.
So, either my ISP is blocking those Port through TCP or something is wrong on my firewall.


You are welcome. Refer FoundryVTT to here.


I'm already sending them this info.
I imagine that their guides are a little outdate, considering they were linking to an older version of Certbot.

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