Certbot-auto, Apache httpd, NodeJS and port 443

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I’m still new in Letsencrypt, Letsencrypt (certbot-auto) is running on CentOS 6.10 and it works fine. However, it uses port 443 and I can’t run my NodeJS app on this port. I want to run my NodeJS app on port 443 if possible. Please advise me.

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Certbot will only bind a port if you use it in standalone mode.

Generally when you have an existing server, you will want to do one of:

  1. Use webroot mode and have your Node.js application serve files for /.well-known/acme-challenge/ from a shared directory that Certbot will write to.
  2. Use standalone mode with an alternate port (--http-01-port) and proxy requests for /.well-known/acme-challenge/* from your Node.js application to Certbot.
  3. Don’t use Certbot at all, and use something like greenlock.js to automatically provide Let’s Encrypt SSL for your Node.js application.
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Thank you, I’ll try your 1, 2 suggestions.


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