Certbot-auto, Apache httpd, NodeJS and port 443


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I’m still new in Letsencrypt, Letsencrypt (certbot-auto) is running on CentOS 6.10 and it works fine. However, it uses port 443 and I can’t run my NodeJS app on this port. I want to run my NodeJS app on port 443 if possible. Please advise me.

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Certbot will only bind a port if you use it in standalone mode.

Generally when you have an existing server, you will want to do one of:

  1. Use webroot mode and have your Node.js application serve files for /.well-known/acme-challenge/ from a shared directory that Certbot will write to.
  2. Use standalone mode with an alternate port (--http-01-port) and proxy requests for /.well-known/acme-challenge/* from your Node.js application to Certbot.
  3. Don’t use Certbot at all, and use something like greenlock.js to automatically provide Let’s Encrypt SSL for your Node.js application.


Thank you, I’ll try your 1, 2 suggestions.

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