Certbot Apache for Laravel project in subfolder not working


I currently set up ssl certificate for my website using certbot for my apache server running on Ubuntu 16.04. I successfully installed the ssl certificate and now I can access my website by https://example.com

The problem is I have a laravel project I put in the example.com/laravel. When I tried to open the https://example.com/laravel/public i got error 500.

Is it got something to do with the .htaccess in public folder?

ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT After Purging Apache2 & Certbot

It might but I would also check that the path is proper and accessible.
Q1. What is the root folder for https://example.com/ ?
Q2. where is the laravel/public folder?

The paths should be similar and make sense, like:
A1 = /var/www/html/home
A2 = /var/www/html/home/laravel/public
or, for a better visual understanding
A2 = $A1/laravel/public


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