Certbot age before renew setting


I’m using certbot and things are going good. I was wondering if there was a way to adjust the age for renewal of cerbot. Seeing the server has to restart after a cert renewal I’d prefer the age for renewal to be under 10 days rather that under 30. I’ve bee looking around for this but have not found an answer. I noted that ZeroSSL’s clients renew does allow for setting of the number of days, but I’ve been using cerbot for almost a year and I’d rather stay with with I know.


There isn’t a CLI command for that, but since fairly recent versions, the renewal configuration file does have some kind of “internal command” for this.

It is commented out in the renewal configuration file (see /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/) and defaults to “30 days”. You can modify this variable to, e.g., “10 days”. Don’t forget to uncomment the line (remove the “#”) for the command to work :wink:


Thanks for the info. I’m automating everything so the config file works just fine!


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