Test auto-renewal of certs in staging environment

We want to test the auto-renewal of certs in staging environment by setting renew days to ZERO(0). But this is not working. Now what I want to know is, is it not allowed to renew a cert before 60 days minimum? Can certs be only renewed between the 30-day window between 60-90 days.
Command - letsencrypt.exe --renew
Error - unable to renew

I don’t know at what point the Windows Certbot client is version-wise, but have you tried the flags --force-renewal or --renew-by-default? I also assume you’re putting on --dry-run so you can hit staging.

hi @jared.m

letsencrypt.exe is not a certbot for windows it’s a separate client based on the ACMESharp library

@chanchal - review documentation on the github for answers to your questions. You can also raise an issue on github if you can’t find the answers you are looking for


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