Certbot 2.6.0 Release

Certbot 2.6.0 has just been released. The changelog for the release is:


  • --dns-google-project optionally allows for specifying the project that the DNS zone(s) reside in,
    which allows for Certbot usage in scenarios where the auth credentials reside in a different
    project to the zone(s) that are being managed.
  • There is now a new Other annotated challenge object to allow plugins to support entirely novel challenges.


  • Optionally sign the SOA query for dns-rfc2136, to help resolve problems with split-view
    DNS setups and hidden primary setups.
    • Certbot versions prior to v1.32.0 did not sign queries with the specified TSIG key
      resulting in difficulty with split-horizon implementations.
    • Certbot v1.32.0 through v2.5.0 signed queries by default, potentially causing
      incompatibility with hidden primary setups with allow-update-forwarding enabled
      if the secondary did not also have the TSIG key within its config.
    • Certbot v2.6.0 and later no longer signs queries by default, but allows
      the user to optionally sign these queries by explicit configuration using the
      dns_rfc2136_sign_query option in the credentials .ini file.
  • Lineage name validity is performed for new lineages. --cert-name may no longer contain
    filepath separators (i.e. / or \, depending on the platform).
  • certbot-dns-google now loads credentials using the standard Application Default
    rather than explicitly requiring the Google Compute metadata server to be present if a service account
    is not provided using --dns-google-credentials.
  • --dns-google-credentials now supports additional types of file-based credential, such as
    External Account Credentials created by Workload Identity
    Federation. All file-based credentials implemented by the Google Auth library are supported.


  • certbot-dns-google no longer requires deprecated oauth2client library.
  • Certbot will no longer try to invoke plugins which do not subclass from the proper
    certbot.interfaces.{Installer,Authenticator} interface (e.g. certbot -i standalone
    will now be ignored). See GH-9664.

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.


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