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I received a certificate expiration notice today that stated that it expires on 29 October, but my Plesk page says it expires on 7 January, 2023, and renews automatically. Please help. My domain is: harmony-singing.com

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Let's Encrypt sends warning emails 20 days and 10 days in advance of expiration. Best practice is to renew your cert 30 days before expiration so these warn of possible problems.

Your system renewed your cert recently but with just 20 days left.

You should review your renewal process to ensure it renews earlier. I see from your cert history in the public logs (here) your schedule is not consistent.


It seems that the suggested twice-a-day renewal check schedule has been altered.
All recent certs have been issued on Sunday - that is a very unexpected pattern.
[60 days isn't evenly divisible by 7 (days/week) and thus renewals should not consecutively land on the same day of the week]


Unfortunately, I don't have a clue how to ensure that renewals happen earlier. I got a certificate in July, 2020, and haven't done anything in the meantime, let alone intentionally or consciously caused an inconsistency in the schedule.

Also, it's the first time I have received such a notice.

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You should review the settings for how your Plesk setup renews the cert. As rg305 noted they are only new on Sundays. Normally renewals are run at least daily. A renew will check if the current cert needs renewal and request a new one. This usually is when the cert has 30 days remaining.

You did not describe the package or method used to obtain the cert. But, here is info on the Plesk SSL It package. You should review Plesk or even ask your hosting provider about why it isn't renewing per best practices.


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