Cerbot unnecessarily evaluating vhosts when using --apache and -d flags


Not sure if I’ve stumbled across a bug or am asking too much of the current feature set but here’s the scenario I’m facing:

I have an ubuntu server with apache and php-fpm serving several websites. I would like to set up SSL for only one of the websites on the server. To keep things simple I use the following command:

./certbot-auto --apache -d domain.com -d www.domain.com

Unfortunately when I do this I receive an error for a completely different domain on the server. I know what the error is and I know how to fix it (temporarily comment out offending php-fpm lines before running certbot-auto) but I don’t understand why that host is being evaluated at all by certbot. If I hadn’t specified a domain then it would make more sense but why would certbot be interested in a domain that it’s not producing a certificate for?

Interestingly using certonly (as per the below) produces the same error.

./certbot-auto certonly --apache -d domain.com -d www.domain.com


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