Creating a new cert, ask for vhost

I’m using certbot-auto v0.37.2, when i run a cmd:
certbot-auto run --cert-name myname -d my domain

after cert creation he ask for vhost to use and i see the list of my apache vhosts
for each one i’ve one row normal and one with HTTPS

Normally i use vhost with ssl config and redirect rules inside

why certbot ask me to choose http or https ?

Thanks for help

Hi @blondie63,

Welcome to the community forum!

Can you share the actual output you’re receiving from certbot and your domain?

Hi, i cannot run “certbot-auto run…” command now but exactly what was written above happened
The list was like this:

vhost1 domain1
vhost1 domain1 HTTP
vhost2 domain2
vhost2 domain2 HTTP

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