Cerbot for windows?

not sure if certbot has been compiled for windows, the tool is a console program it would not be super difficult to compile it for any operating operating system

windows can be run with C++ console programs all day long. Windows also has scheduled tasks that are slightly better than linux etc.

calling certbot is possible in the powershell or command prompt

Yes, it's been packaged for Windows: Certbot - Windows Other.

As of the current release v1.16.0, it doesn't yet have the same functionality as Linux, like the nginx/Apache installers and DNS plugins. However, it will work fine with --webroot, --standalone and --manual. As you mention, it comes with a Scheduled Task preinstalled.

There are some other pretty good Windows clients like Certify the Web and Posh-ACME which have deeper integration into systems like IIS and Azure.


Certbot is written in Python not C++ and the source code can be found here

There are a ton of Windows clients though, I prefer Posh-ACME and secondly Certify the Web (As mentioned above) for Windows though.


Windows needs a different format so openssl can convert the PEM file to windows format.

I am speculating that I may need to use my linux box to make certificates for everything

  • There are other ACME clients (mentioned above) that can do all this automatically.
  • OpenSSL isn't just for Linux (it also exists in Windows and can be used to create "Windows format" from PEM files [all within Windows])

Indeed. There may be others, but I've been using this distribution of OpenSSL for Windows for over a decade. Always reliable, works great.



For IIS, pfx format is the format used for sites, pfx files for each site are needed just like apache etc

He seems to know that but implies that it can only happen with OpenSSL which can only be used in Linux!

Needless-to-say this feature request: "Certbot for Windows" is very late to this game and was immediately resolved with the first reply (marked solved with the appearance of a link to the latest version of such).


Things 2 Know:
Anything using the Windows certificate store will need to be inserted, and generally used as, PFX file.
OpenSSL can easily create PFX files from PEM files.
OpenSSL can easily create PEM files from PFX files.
OpenSSL can be compiled from code within almost every operating system (even for ARM Pi).


When I was using a cloud service I used a Linux VM to manage a certificate and I uploaded the PFM file to the server and it worked fine.

OpenSSL is a convenient tool along with Certbot

Only reason I inquired was to see of this service was more flexible than the old one. Previously I was using https://zerossl.com/ which is not as easy to use as this service.

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