Cant generate ssl

Please fill out the fields below so we can help you better. Note: you must provide your domain name to get help. Domain names for issued certificates are all made public in Certificate Transparency logs (e.g., so withholding your domain name here does not increase secrecy, but only makes it harder for us to provide help.

My domain is:

I ran this command:sudo /usr/local/bin/certbot-auto certonly --dry-run --agree-tos --email --webroot -w /var/lib/letsencrypt/ -d -d

It produced this output:Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log
Plugins selected: Authenticator webroot, Installer None
Obtaining a new certificate
Performing the following challenges:
http-01 challenge for
http-01 challenge for
Using the webroot path /var/lib/letsencrypt for all unmatched domains.
Waiting for verification...
Challenge failed for domain
Challenge failed for domain
http-01 challenge for
http-01 challenge for
Cleaning up challenges
Some challenges have failed.


My web server is (include version): centos 8

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): centos 8

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: digitalocean

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don't know): yes

I'm using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel): no

The version of my client is (e.g. output of certbot --version or certbot-auto --version if you're using Certbot):

both DNS are properly point to my server

I'm pretty sure that path is not the webroot of your site.

hi this supposed to which path ?

I'm afraid I don't understand the question. The path you're quoting is the path of the certbot-auto script. The path I'm quoting, is the webroot path. These are two very different things.

i follow this tutorial

encounter error when obtaining the certificate

What's the complete output of nginx -T? Please place three backticks (```) above and below the output, so the forum software can format it properly.

hey thanks for the reply I had solved it
because all my www.subomian no dns , so I exclude the those domains.and it works (bow)

Your www subdomain is a CNAME for It looks like there isn't any DNS issue for your www subdomain. Also, your hostname without the www subdomain gave a 404 file not found error..

But hey, if you got things working and you're happy, I'm happy :slight_smile:


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