Can't generate certificate Timeout


Im trying to generate a ssl certificate but I’m always getting 400 error(timeout)

Here you can see the report: works in browser and I can see some key there.

PS: I’m using plesk.

It works over IPv4 but it times out over IPv6. Let’s Encrypt defaults to IPv6 for validation if you have an AAAA record in your DNS (which you do), so you should make sure the IPv6 address is correct and that your server is listening on IPv6. If you can’t do that, an alternative is to remove the AAAA record and it will then use IPv4 for validation instead.


Thank you.
That’s strange I have this ipv6 in my OVH panel and also when I run “ip addr” command.

It doesn’t seem like the routes and default gateway are properly setup on your virtual machine.

Verify that IPv6 is actually working on the server:

$ curl -I -6

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