Can't access wordpress after certbot install

Hi, my name’s Christian, I’m from argentina. I consider myself having advanced knowledge in IT but not particulary in Linux and Apache.
So, I have a web hosting plan where I have 3 sites. All of them under the same virtual server and using wordpress. Today I tried to install certbot on one domain to move it to SSL.
After what I considered it was an OK install following the steps on this link ( I found that I can’t access my 3 sites. Instead, I receive the Apache test page.
Don’t know exactly how to troubleshoot this issue, any advise could help!
Thanks and sorry for my english.

It sounds as if your apache config is incorrect. Can you provide your domain name ? and ideally your apache configs ( somewhere like is probably best ) ?

Sure, one domain is and also have 2 more. Forgot to mention that the server is running under CentOS 7.3, don’t know if it’s relevant.
If for config file you mean the httpd.conf found under /etc/httpd/conf here you are:
After reading this file it looks like a “fresh install” file. Perhaps I should make a copy of the config file before making any change.


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