Cannot Issue Certificate

Hello. I host my website through and they give my access to full cPanel and Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates. I was having an issue installing certificates, as it was throwing an “unknown error.” So, I kept trying to reissue certificates until I found out that they were actually working the whole time (cPanel was throwing a false error). However in the process I reached my limit (Error during certificate generation: acme error ‘rateLimited’: Error creating new cert :: Too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains:). How long until I can issue a certificate again? I can issue for all my subdomains, but not my root domain. I’ve heard its either a day or a week, and a day has passed.

My site is and you can see that Let’s Encrypt is working for my subdomains by visiting

The rate limits are defined at

You shouldn’t need a new certificate though ( assuming you kept one ). Alternatively go to and click on the “ ID” and then on '“certificate” to download a copy of the certificate ( you will still need your private key, which I assume you have )


Ok, i see the rate limits. But, when I upload a certificate, and use my private key it says “the RSA does not match the certificate.” How do I find the right private key?

EDIT: I found the key I had generated, it just had to match the domains i had put into the certificate. Thank you for your help.


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