Can not retrieve terms of service from certificate authority

Hi everybody,

When I used this open source project to issue a certificate, I made a mistake. I want to ask if I am issuing a certificate to change the rules.


Or have you encountered it?

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The underlying problem is that the version of dehydrated being used is too old. You need to be on at least version 0.6.5.

In your case, the solution is to ensure that docker-nginx-auto-ssl is built from a sufficiently recent version of lua-resty-auto-ssl, which in turn, uses a sufficiently recent version of dehydrated.

Unfortunately that means that you will need to ask the maintainers of both projects to update their Docker images.

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lua-resty-auto-ssl v0.13.0 is now out which upgrades the bundled version of Dehydrated to 0.6.5, which should solve this issue. Sorry for the trouble! Give a shout over on the lua-resty-auto-ssl issue tracker if you’re still seeing any issues.


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