Openresty lua fails to renew / re-issue

I’m using openresty with LUA
and since yesterday I’m experiencing troubles getting a certificate

nginx log contains the following lines

2019/10/26 11:25:53 [error] 772#772: *92 [lua] lets_encrypt.lua:41: issue_cert(): auto-ssl: dehydrated failed: env HOOK_SECRET=bf75b46a196d22066bf75b46a196d22066bf75b46a196d22066 HOOK_SERVER_PORT=8999 /usr/local/openresty/luajit/bin/resty-auto-ssl/dehydrated --cron --accept-terms --no-lock --domain --challenge http-01 --config /etc/resty-auto-ssl/letsencrypt/config --hook /usr/local/openresty/luajit/bin/resty-auto-ssl/letsencrypt_hooks status: 256 out: # INFO: Using main config file /etc/resty-auto-ssl/letsencrypt/config
# INFO: Using additional config file /etc/resty-auto-ssl/letsencrypt/conf.d/
Error retrieving terms of service from certificate authority.
Please set LICENSE in config manually.
, context: ssl_certificate_by_lua*, client:, server:
2019/10/26 11:25:53 [error] 772#772: *92 [lua] ssl_certificate.lua:97: issue_cert(): auto-ssl: issuing new certificate failed: dehydrated failure, context: ssl_certificate_by_lua*, client:, server:

“dehydrated” has not been overriden.

any ideas how to resolve this issue?

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Hi @p5ych0

I don't know how that client works. But that looks you should update your client.

Or check

there is the url of the "termsOfService". Perhaps you can change your config file manual.

my current values are


Path to certificate authority license terms redirect (default:


Path to license agreement (default: )


changing to v01 didn’t help

v1 is deprecated. Read

Support ends 2019-10-31. So you should

  • update your client to use v2 (or, if this isn't possible)
  • switch to another client
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PS: That's

wrong. Read the v01 - directory, there is another path and file.

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thank you all. updated the client and everything works fine now.
case closed ))


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