Can I use one SSL with a diffrent network address like,

Can I use one SSL with a diffrent network address like,

If you mean, like:
The answer to that is: No, you can’t get a cert for an IP (not from LE).

If you mean, like:
[which is then proxied to internal addresses - like:,]
The answer to that is: Yes, if you can prove ownership* of the URL address (
[which is how all LE certs are regularly obtained]


Hi @gelwin

you can always use one certificate with different ip addresses. You don't need a new certificate per ip address.

The certificate has no information about the ip address you have used when you had created the certificate.

And not only "you can", instead: "You should". Because there are rate limits, so you can't create unlimited certificates.

my IP for my domain is, I’m using IIS, after i change my IP to my domain cant be browse?

These are private ip addresses, not public addresses.

So both addresses may work internal. But not global.

Letsencrypt can’t connect your 192.168., same with your 172.


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how can i enter my domain with ssl without putting port :443 or typing https ?

:443 is never required, that's the standard port.

Add a redirect http -> https, then you don't need the https prefix.

i have one last question should i trust other websites that porvides free domain? is it safe for my website becuase my website is very confidential?

Any certificate you generate from a public CA will be public information, and any domain you register anywhere will also be public information. I’m not sure to what degree you’d need to “trust” a domain registrar though.

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I'm not sure what do you mean by provides free domain. Do you mean some websites like freenom? Or you mean those hosting companies that offer a free domain when you signed up for their hosting products? If your site is really confidential, the first one is not a great choice, as your domain might be missing (grabbed by anyone else) for any reason.

Thank you

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You might have to trust them about not taking away your domain in the future (including just by shutting down), and I guess also not pointing your domain to a proxy that injects ads or something.

If you have an important / confidential website, you shouldn't use free domain provider.

There are sometimes rules - if you have a domain, someone want to use that domain and pay money, the "free domain provider" switches the domain and you have to start new - with a new domain.

"Free" is never free.

“Almost never”.
Or… don’t you agree that LE is truly free?

Letsencrypt is transparent -> sponsored.

Most of the “free services” are not transparent.

Free domain service -> someone want’s to use an already used “free domain” and pays -> the domain is transferred to the new owner.

Or free name server -> everybody can create subdomains of that main domain.

After i use portforwarding to access my website online, and after i configure http to https redirection on IIS i can still access http and it display my login page of my router after the portforwarding how can i disable permanently the http?

If you want to renew your certificate, you can't. And you shouldn't. A website without http is an error.


A redirect http -> https isn't a problem, Letsencrypt follows such redirects.


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