Solution for SSL - One Domain Two Ips

I have a domain That the DNS, MAIL, NAMESERVR Hosted on
A Record in my DNS points to this ip
As website alone is hosted on

when I try to create ssl cert on this server where i install letsencrypt client, i get Verify error:Invalid response from

Please I need detail Guide on How to work Around this Unending Debacle with ssl with such complex setup of mine // thanks


The explanation of the problem is unclear.
The use of “an example” domain doesn’t help explain the problem.

As best as I can understand, you have one domain with two IPs
Let’s say:
Domain =
IP#1 =
IP#2 =
(and presuming that IP#1 and IP#2 are hosted by independent systems)

If so, then there is no simple way to verify the domain via http(s).

Unless you (temporarily) remove one of the IPs from DNS, you may have to look into DNS challenge for verification.

With some web servers, it may be fairly practical to have one HTTP redirect ACME challenge files that don’t exist to the other server.

How Please. You Mind give me a Guide to do it


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