Can I use deployhook for certgeneration and certrenewal

Currently, I am testing certificate generation and renewal. If I use deploy hook for cert generation sometimes I am getting CERTBOT_DOMAIN variable as a domain name. Sometimes I am getting empty.

  1. Can I use deploy-hook for cert generation? If yes, Why I am not getting $CERTBOT_DOMAIN value sometimes. If no, What is the hook that I can use after successful cert generation?

BTW, One more thing I Identified, Sometimes --deploy-hook is getting called and sometimes not. What is the issue???

Hi @sandeep.machiraju

your setup is unclear. So it's unclear why there are differences.

Why not.


to see the possible parameters.

If you use --dry-run, --deploy-hook isn't called.


Thanks for the reply.

I am having two hooks:
manual-auth-hook to add txt record in dns provider (I am using godaddy).
deploy-hook to apply the generated certs to my actual web application(resides in different place) and also convert to different formats (ex. pfx)

In that deploy-hook i am using $CERTBOT_DOMAIN variable to get the domain name and use that for convertion/applying. Sometimes I am getting empty value into that $CERTBOT_DOMAIN variable. And also sometimes that deploy-hook is not even getting called. I logged enter and exit of the deploy hook. It’s not getting logged sometimes. That’s how I got to know there are two issues: One is not getting called and another is getting null value into $CERTBOT_DOMAIN variable.

You can’t use $CERTBOT_DOMAIN in a deploy hook because the thing that’s being deployed is not a domain but a certificate - which might cover several domains. The list of domains is in the $RENEWED_DOMAINS variable, separated by spaces if there’s more than one.

The filenames are $RENEWED_LINEAGE/fullchain.pem, $RENEWED_LINEAGE/privkey.pem etc.

(This is all documented in more detail on the link @JuergenAuer posted above).

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Thanks for your reply. I appreciate. BTW I am using $RENEWED_DOMAINS which has a list of domains (In my case it is one domain). I am looping through the $RENEWED_DOMAINS variable and doing my applying/conversion stuff. What exactly will $RENEWED_LINEAGE provide me in that loop? Is it /etc/letsencrypt//live/.pem ( means all cert files) path as a value?

BTW, is there any way to test --deploy-hook in --dry-run (staging environment)? Because I am using a script, I want to test end to end?

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.

The full path to the directory containing the symlinks to the latest pem files. That is, $RENEWED_LINEAGE gives you the directory e.g. /etc/letsencrypt/live/ and you have to add /fullchain.pem or /privkey.pem etc to get the file you want.

Not with --dry-run because that doesn't save a certificate, which the deploy hook needs. You can use --staging instead - but beware that you might end up accidentally installing invalid certificates from the staging environment on your live site.

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