Can I renew Let's Encrypt SSL automatically in a shared hosting?

My domain is:
I can’t login to a root shell as I’m using shared hosting.
I have already installed Let’s Encrypt SSL by generating on zerossl website.
I uploaded the SSL using cpanel & now it’s working great.

But I want to auto renew the SSL if possible. I can run cronjob using cpanel.
Is there any cronjob code which will help me renew the SSL in shared hosting?

Cronjob shouldn’t affect the server ( Like shouldn’t restart the sever or some service for all), as others using the same server. If it affects, then they may ban my hosting.

If I can autorenew SSL, then I’ll add Let’s Encrypt SSL to all my websites.

basically no, as it needs to reload apache (which doesn’t really affect anyone, but you won’t have permission to do that).

Having said that, I’d chat to your hosting provider. The latest version of cpanel includes AutoSSL ( a script to automatically enable Let’s Encrypt certificates on accounts ) - a great service free your hosting provider can utilise ( see for details ) … then they will be automatically renewed for you :slight_smile:

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I see cpanel version 58.0.28, so it’s possible for them to install AutoSSL.
I’ll ask them to enable AutoSSL.

Update: Asked them. They said, they are enabling AutoSSL & may take upto 24 to 48 hours.

Update 2: I woke up in morning & they have already installed.

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Excellent :slight_smile: I like that sort of response from a host :slight_smile:

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