Can I ignore renew reminder emails for my old server?

I recently moved my site from a VPS at hoster A to a VPS at hoster B. When setting up https on the new server I created new certificates with LE.

Now I am receiving reminder emails from let’s encrypt that my certificates are running out and should be renewed. Since letsencrypt certificates on my new server currently shows that all my certs have a remaining lease time of over 70 days, I assume that these emails pertain to the certs on my old server (which no longer exists).

I’m assuming that I can safely ignore these emails, but want to double check with the experts here.

Also, thess emails give me an option to unsubscribe from them but warn that this unsubscription cannot be undone. Can I safely unsubscribed but still receive these reminders for the certs on my new server or is the unsubscription valid for all certs for the domain in question (and hence also for the certs on the new server?

Hi @tophee,

That is because the new issued certificates doesn't contain the same subset of domains in the certificate. If you hace checked your certs and it says that your certs are valid for 70 days then you don't need to worry about.

Anyway, you can use the page and check which are the certs issue for your domain.

I'm not an expert but yes, you can ignore them ;). If you provide your domain/domains we can check them.

If you unsubscribe for the mails then you won't be reminded... never. By the way, you can use a certbot option to register a new mail for your domains (but not the same), more info here.

In summary... don't worry about the mails ;).


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It's even worse than that: Unsubscribing would unsubscribe you from all reminders for all certificates for all domains associated with your email address.


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