Can I change the /.well-known/acme-challenge path?


The Rails app I’m using doesn’t support dots at the base of the root. I’d like to change the location of this path. Is it possible?


No, you cannot.

However, you can serve the challenges from whatever web frontend/reverse proxy you are using (likely something like Nginx or Apache).

Otherwise, you can use an alternative auth method, like dns-01.


@nicoo is correct. The .well-known name was chosen in part because it’s a little “special,” so it’s less likely for web apps to accidentally be configured with arbitrary uploads from untrusted parties there. See


Can you link me to an example of how to use dns-01 as part of the manual setup? Very much appreciate it.


Which ACME client are you using?
The official Let’s Encrypt client doesn’t support dns-01yet.


Can’t you just link the path to valuable for the Rails-app?

just my 2 cents



Nginx’s server, usually protect to show all files and folder started from dot i.e. /.well-known/ will not work in this case.
By this reason I think it is a good idea change to /well-known/