Can I change the challenge URL during acquiring certificates

I had a domain name resolved to a CDN provider and serving static files. So I decided to use manual mode and upload a file according the challenge URL. However, my CDN provider (Aliyun in China) doesn’t allow dot-prefix (.well-known) folders.

I wonder if there is possible to verify the domain name with different URL, without the dot-prefix component?

As far as I’m aware, it has to be .well-known/acme-challenge

can you do a redirect ( in htaccess or wherever ) of a .well-known folder to a different location ?

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hi @serverco, was hoping you might be able to help us w/ this question:
I am working thru the steps located here: “” in order to setup letsencrypt for my nginx server. I am getting stuck when I run “./letsencrypt-auto certonly --standalone”

I end up getting a “ImportError: No module named warnings” Error and I am unsure why?
Any help would be appreciated

hi @joev

Is this related to the topic ? if not I’d suggest starting a new topic. and provide as much info as possible. Are you using digitalocean ? and ubuntu 14:04 ? how far did you get following that link before you got to any errors ?

hi @serverco
thnx for your response. yes, it’s related to the topic that you and chadd are discussing. i didn’t realize he had already reached out to you. chadd is our developer and has been struggling w/ this issue for 2days now so i was trying to find someone w/ expertise to help him out. appreciate you discussing it w/ him. best, joev

That’s not the topic in this thread though. Please I’ll respond on the other thread, so things are a little clearer.

@serverco thnx appreciate your help!

Thank you for your reply, But it is not possible to bypass this limitation because my CDN provider just provides static file hosting. I can configure nothing on its server. So far I think I have to apply a commercial certificate for this domain name, or change the DNS record temporarily to my own server.

You could also try using DNS verification. The official client doesn’t support it yet, but several third-party clients do.

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