CA Bundle Is Not Right

Hey there, I want to tell you that i have added ssl certificate from you guys on more then 5-6 websites so far.
There is a website name where i have been trying to add ssl certificate.

  1. I have added a wordpress plugin into that site.
  2. I went to the cPanel and manually added all the required things in the cPanel’s SSL page.
  3. I even tried adding a plugin which redirect http to https but no luck.
  4. Then i contacted my host provider and they said that there is nothing they can do from their end. They said that i need to contact Let’s Encrypt and tell them that the CA Bundle is wrong.

Guys, I have been copying it right.
I even use the autofill certificate in side the cPanel’s SSL page.
But still my host company says that my CA Bundle is not right.

Please help me to get SSL certificate installed on the site name
My registered account name is -> BabaJi Bhoot

what do you mean by the CA bundle is not right.

I see you have obtained the certificate

You web server is not accepting any secure connections at all.

Until you clarify with your company what they mean by the ca bundle not being right there’s not much we can do.

There are plenty of guides on how to install Let’s Encrypt certs on cPanel.

cPanel even has their own plugin for this. So it’s highly unlikely there’s anything wrong with the certificates.


What software did you use to obtain your certificate, and which files did you send to the provider?

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