Broke things! Is there an easy way to start all over again

Used LetsEncrypt to set up a certificate for a site
sudo certbot --apache -d

That worked fine however 2 wordpress sites which are in subdirectories of that domain, were not running in https mode.

I modified one of the wordpress sites notjust4u/demo3
to run in it in https mode following instructions in:
and was troubleshooting to figure out why it wasn’t

Then I went off on a tangent and decided to generate another certificate for
sudo certbot --apache -d

Now suddenly both and were broken

I check out vhosts-le-ssl.conf and noticed that the the certificate links for the second site were now
listed in the definition of my first definition for

Figuring that there may have been a glitch (CONFESSION: I did make some cosmetic changed to vhosts-le-ssl.conf, indenting some of the directives to align with the rest of the file), Maybe that messed things up.

I edited vhosts-le-ssl.conf fo fix things. Well that only made things worse.

Is there a clean and easy way to purge|delete|erase all my letsencrypt certificates and infrastructure changes, so I can
start all over again?

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