what's the reason my account was blocked? i can't contact any support, only try registered again from different mail, I read the message which have only 'hello', and nothing explain what's happen?

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If your account it very new, discourse has new user limits (not set by LE).
It usually tells you what limit has been reached.
Do you have a picture of the error?

Without seeing what you are seeing, it is very difficult to even understand what is happening.

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I concur with @rg305.

What kind of account are you meaning? A Let's Encrypt Community account? A Let's Encrypt ACME account?

Let's Encrypt Community account, with no explanation

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I've contacted someone on staff who is looking into this.

I wasn't able to find a detailed reason in our Discourse logs, or a copy of the post, but it looks like your first post had been detected as spam for some reason.

I've unblocked your e-mail address, so you should be able to register again. Sorry about the trouble!


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