Bash script to check Certificates of multiple domains

Great work by everyone at LE

Now that I have a method of issuing free SSL certs for domains, I wanted a quick method to check if the basics of my certificates were OK ( that the domain name matches the certificate, that it’s within date etc.)

I created a quick bash script that does the basics - and thought I may as well make it available to everyone as there may well be others in a smimilar situation. As with LE, it’s beta :wink: I’ll add updates on github, and welcome any suggestions if people would like additional functionality or help add functionality. Feel free to use

If you are looking for a detailed SSL check ( rather than this quick check on name, date etc) please try


I made a little modification to your script, you can now get a list of domains by specifying your Lets Encrypt live directory…


Excellent idea, thanks. tested and merged to the main branch :slight_smile:

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I’ll add some error checking on my mod when I get a bit more time, it was a bit of a rush hack! Sorry!