Azure Webjob renew certificates throws TaskCanceledException

I’m using the Let’s encrypt certificates since April 2017.
My azure website has multiple domains and each of them is using Let’s encrypt certificate.

The problem is, in two weeks, my certificates will expire, so, using a tutorial, I’ve been setting up a webjob, to renew the certificates.

Running this webjob, gives since last monday an error, which is at the exact same time when the certificate should be renewed (22 days before expiring).
The error is a TaskCanceledException

This task also causes downtime on my website, not a restart.
This morning, I’ve tried to manually request a new certificate, but this resolves in the same error.

One of the certificates is

There is any help to fix this, or at least to renew the certificates before expiring?

Kind regards


Hi @KennyDeblaere

It’s a good idea to post the tutorial link

This seems to be a fairly specific process so hard to provide assistance without knowing what instructions you are following


Hi @ahaw021

I’ve followed following link:

hi @KennyDeblaere

The best bet will be to open an issue on the authors github site

Note this is a plugin developed externally so that is why I reccomend you contact the author


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